Coronavirus - Update 24 July 2020


In accordance with BRC guidance we are now able to invite non-members to join our events

If you are wanting to attend an event but are concerned about the potential risk of coronavirus and would like to have a confidential conversation please contact us at


If you have any symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who has been unwell please do not attend any events.  A full refund will be issued. 


Risk Assessment 

We all understand that riding is a dangerous sport however at SDRC we do everything we can to manage the risk.


Please take time to read the risk assessment for the event you intend to join.


Thank you

to invite non-members to join our events

Covid 19


We run all our events in accordance with Government guidance and under the specific direction of British Riding Clubs.

Please read the Covid 19 risk assessement to ensure you understand the conditions of your participate at SDRC events. 

We are able to run events in bubbles of up to 6 people 

We may have more that one bubble but with no more that 30 people in the vicinity 

Please read the full risk assessment here. 



Covid 19- BRC Declaration form 

If you are a not a member of SDRC and or you are bringing another person to the SDRC event, in accordance with BRC rules you are required to complete a declaration form for each non-member and any others.