Equine Flu Vaccinations 

Use British Riding Clubs Flu Vaccination tool to check your horse has the required cover. 

Make sure you provide evidence of your horses vacinnation record. 

Equine Flu Vacinations 

All SDRC member must show evidence of the vaccination record of horses to be ridden at any club event.

For SDRC clinics and events, horses are required to have completed a correct flu vaccination programme (Course of 3 injections) Followed by annual booster all of which must be given within the mandatory time frame. 


Horses competing at affiliated British Riding Clubs qualifiers and championships, in addition to the above, must have had a flue booster at least 6 months and 21 days prior to the event.  Horses cannot be vaccinated in the seven days prior to the event. 

Please make sure that you understand the requirements and read through the BRC rules. 

It is your responsibility to send us a copy of your horses vaccination record  when you join the club and each time your horse received a booster.  

To do this you need to take a photograph of your horses passport identification page and vaccination record, please  send to sdrcteams@gmail.co.uk 

Please bring your horses passport to all club events, there will be spot checks.  If the vaccination record is incorrect you will not be able to continue with the event and will not be eligible for a refund.