Equine Flu Vaccinations 

All SDRC member must be able show evidence of the correct vaccination record of horses to be ridden at any club event.

Please bring the passport to all SDRC events as we will be undertaking spot checks!

If the vaccination record is incorrect you will not be able to continue with the event and will not be eligible for a refund. 


Equine Flu Vacinations 

Understanding the “6-month” Rule

There is a lot of confusion about the “6 month” vac.  Although booster vaccinations MUST be given within one calendar year, or face a re-start, the “6-month” vaccination is only required by certain organisations who govern competitions (eg BE & BRC, in normal circumstances).  Their requirement is that the latest vaccination must have been given WITHIN 6 months 21 days of the competition you wish to go to.  So, this one can be left for anything up to 12 months if you are not competing with those organisations.  Missing one of these does not ever require a full re-start.  It DOES NOT have to be done WITHIN 6 months of the latest vaccination to remain eligible; it entirely depends on the competition date.

In short:

·        Annual flu vacs are counted 12 months from the last vaccination and failure to do this in time results in a full re-start.

·        For the “6-month” rule, count BACKWARDS from the competition date, and if the most recent vac was longer ago than 6 months 21 days, a booster will be required.