Data Protection Statement


The Shillingstone & District Riding Club Data Protection Notice


1.    Collection and Use of Your Information

1.1. The committee is aware that Data Protection legislation (GDPR) applies to the Club

1.2. About us: The Shillingstone & District Riding Club is a riding club affiliated to the British Riding Clubs and is open to all adults aged 17 and over

1.3. Purposes: The Shillingstone & District Riding Club will hold the details provided on the joining form with other information it holds or obtains from or about you and will use this for the following purposes:

1.3.1. for maintaining records

1.3.2. to respond to any enquiries, you make

1.3.3. to administer any events in which you participate or may wish to participate and to deal with any incidents involving you

1.3.4. to contact you about club events, offers and opportunities either by post, email, online or telephone.

1.4. When you leave the club all your data will be deleted, after the 30th September of the current year. Anyone wishing to re-join after this date complete a new membership form.

1.5. By joining the club you consent to the club collecting and storing your data in an encrypted form until you relinquish your membership.


2.    Recording images

2.1.  The Shillingstone and District Riding Club may record the events in which you participate and general images of riders will form part of the information we hold and use. Some of these images will be posted on our web site / Facebook, unless you inform the committee you don’t want this to happen.


3.    Disclosure of your Information

3.1. Publication on websites:  Details of Club events will be  posted on our website / Facebook page. If you do not want your pictures to appear on our website please let the club secretary know by e-mail.


4.    Marketing

4.1. The Shillingstone & District Riding Club does not participate in any marketing activities involving member’s data.

4.2. You are entitled to a copy of your personal data from the Shillingstone & District Riding Club. For details of how to do this you should contact the Secretary via the link on the club website.